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Diary of a pregnant woman

Mar 10, 2014   //   by Yazz   //   Updates  //  No Comments
I am In My favourite place right now and could’nt imagine A better place to expect My baby than Thailand. For  instance, the heat that scares most people away, is so healing to me that I have never been happier.  I feel all The healthy D vitamins working minute for minute and when mommy is happy, baby is happy and so is daddy. It truely is a gift expecting A part of the one and only love of my Life and I cant wait to meet the little one. See I feel the baby every day, I communicate with him and sing My lovesongs. And when daddy play the sax our little beloved is dancing all over the place.
Besides all The physical advantages that I could spend hours telliing you about, it is quite interesting to see how the Thai people Deal with a pregnancy.
But first of all let me mention, that I feel spoiled every Day! I cant walk anywhere without being met with not only sweet and caring smiles but also the touch of very curious people ( men as well as women) everyone who wants to feel The tummy – they just do it without  warning. And I absolutely love it!  For me its like A dose of love and blessings. ( My little baby is so lucky to be adored so many times a day. )Though I also must admit that for A lot of people I know back home This would be getting way too close and actually crossing A line. Now something that really surpriced me in the beginning was all the attention that I get. Whereever I go, wether its A local market, mall, Bts, etc the thai will question me all about The sex, birth etc. And they wont stop there. They will strengthen themselves to find me A chair to sit down – whatever I feel like Or not. And when I walk away strangers Will grab me In the elbow ( like  I was an old woman) and lead me whereever I have to go! -I must admit that this was all A little too much for me in the beginning, as I see myself as an independent and strong woman in perfect shape.
Also I would be not only surprised but also sad, that all the bands who normally would invite me to sing with them, did not do it at all. I had to find A Way of dealing with that because as you could imagine This is the Worst nightmare for A Singer. In My world I Can still be singing / dancing etc. though pregnant. As long as I feel Well and listen to My body. But I found Out that for The Thai people it was A matter of respecting My “condition” they were protecting me in their own way – eventhough i didnt want to. They believe that A pregnant woman should stay home and relax A lot. Nevertheless after getting some complexes and A few sleepless nights I just decided to show My friends that I was still up for fun… And that worked….
But it was definately an obstacle.
However I have been so lucky in so many other aspects that I cant complain. For instance I have been spared for hormonal interferences, cravings, nausiea,  sensitivity etc.
But I had to learn that I cant manage as much as before…. Like I need My Daily afternoon nap… and the fact that My memory suddenly decides to dissapear… For real! Names, places, movies, event, sentences that I was just finishing disappears into nothing. ( ofcourse My husband loves that, as it means less discussions. Because I often forget what I was upset about ) but it is quite annoying.
Another Big surprice: I had been looking forward to get the wellknown – thai massage that I love – almost every Day. I was looking forward to Getting my back rubbed, the hips, the feets and yeah the tummy too. I thought that our little baby and I would get sooo much massage that We would Get addicted. But… I learned something else. The thais are very careful about massaging pregnants. Its almost a NO GO! Because There are places on the body that you could Press on forcing me to give A premature birth…. So you could imagine My disappointment. I felt like going right back home to DK. Cause My body is being quite strained and I need it more than ever. And Hubby was not having the intention of avoiding his massage in solidarity with me! Anyway, it took me A week before I found some places who would Take me and who knew A lot about pregnancy massage. My favourite is Sarinya!!
Nowadays i Get My massage 3 times A week. I sit/ Lay sideways on THE most amazing massage chair and the ladies start on My legs and move all the way up. Tummy and under the feets are NO gos but the rest is absolutely being taken Care of with Hubby right by My side.
Another thing that I cant Get enough of: when im walking in the local markets they all adress me as khun sway!!! It means miss beautiful. Its something Else compared to khun bumbui that they called me two months ago when they couldnt see that I was pregnant- the tummy looked like id been eating A little too much. And thats exactly what the thai people thought. ( Khun bumbui means miss fattie ) – meant in the sweetest way though… But I Didnt like that.
But Well, now We have one more month left before heading back to Dk and I love to Watch My husband looking happy and tanned, lying in the pool, reading his books, performing and playing that beautiful sax of his. We both know that somehow our lifes are gonna change so much so We spend A lot of time, romancing, togetherness and getting ready to whatever THE future Will bring.


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